Speed Control Lester Center Performance

Presentation will be February 15 at the Lester Center.

Speed Control is a powerful, animated rock trio featuring Graeme Peters, Jody Peters and Ian March. With diverse musical backgrounds, the trio uses their extensive knowledge to engage and inspire youth audiences
everywhere. Super catchy, super fun, super pop! The trio has a special knack for sharing their skills with students of all ages thanks to their teaching experience. Some of the most innovative music in the world has come from Canadian musicians. Follow Speed Control through the last 50 years of famous Canadian artists and how their music affected others of both their own generation and those to come. From Paul Anka in the 1950s, through the
60s and 70s with The Band and Guess Who, through Rush and Bryan Adams of the 80s, to the Barenaked Ladies and Avril Lavigne, young audiences will learn how Canada has become a major force in popular music in this smart, humourous and exciting show!