Clubs At PRMS

The following is a list of school clubs at PRMS that are happening currently. Please touch base with the teacher associated with each club for more details and/or see the bulletin board wall outside the front office.

Chess Club – Monday at lunch with Mr. Davis/Mr. Scott in room 103

Skittles Club – Wednesday at lunch with Ms. Leighton in room 204

Kindness Club – Tuesday at lunch with Ms. Groves room 107

Coding – Tuesdays after school in room 211 with Mr. White

Sewing Club – Thursdays with Ms. Murphy in room 112

Badminton club – Friday after school in the gym with Mr. Bellis

Doodle club – Thursday’s at lunch with Ms. Laychuk in the library

Girl Power group for grade 7 and 8’s – Monday at 3:05pm till 4:05 and Wednesday’s at 2:45pm-3:45pm with Ms. Barton in room 111 at lunch.

Odie Club – Wednesday at nutbreak with Odie and Ms. Groves

Concert Band Mondays/Wednesdays 7:50am-8:30am in the band room with Ms. Tillman

Jazz Band Mondays 3:15-4:00pm in the band room with Ms. Tillman

Storymakers’ Club Lunches in room 106  with Mr. Kertes Mon: Club Officers Meeting Tues and Wed: Creating Days (open art, craft, movie, writing, etc. projects) Thursday: Student Newspaper Day Friday: Drama Day

During short Wednesdays

Art Club – room 107

Coding in room with Mr. Scott in room 111

Cooking Club in room 108

Homework Club in room 204